About Us

Concerned Nigerians is legally registered in Nigeria as Concerned Nigerians for the Protection of Human Rights and Rule of Law Initiative. Concerned Nigerians is a renowned nonprofit promoting social change, good governance, human rights, democracy, and sustainable development in Nigeria. Our projects aim to tackle social issues from the root cause, and address the social factors promoting them.

We ignite youth and community action to promote change. We don’t use the conventional method of workshops to lead change. No. We create a platform for communities and the young people to own the movement, to co-brand with us in delivering change in their communities. While we, as an organization galvanize, catalyze and amplify efforts, communities lead interventions using relevant locally-led
methods and communications that suit their contexts.

We recognize young people and community leaders as critical forces for more engagement and change. These people are key drivers for social change. By working with and supporting them, we will contribute to fostering community ownership of the movement, and we trust that the energy they generate will take on a life of its own to promote change even in future.

Who we are

Concerned Nigerians is a non-profit,  Non-Partisan social change movement dedicated to the advancement of democratic governance, human rights, accountability and rule of law in Nigeria.

What we do

Concerned Nigerians work to promote Human rights, citizen’s Participation in governance, Transparency and accountability in government.

Our Mission

To provide a platform for accelerating social change by training and empowering citizens to lead change in their community and uniting hundreds of thousands of voices and partners under a single positive identity that challenges the social norms that stunt Nigeria’s growth and entrench rule of Law.

Our Vision

To help build a Nigeria where everyone will have an equal opportunity regardless of gender, ethnic or religious background.