Clutha Foundation Grant Program – New Zealand

Deadline: 30-Nov-22

For its grant program, the Clutha Foundation is accepting applications.

The Clutha Foundation provides financial assistance to nonprofit organizations that serve the whole Clutha District’s residents. To encourage and facilitate giving in the Clutha District, the Clutha Foundation was created. By encouraging individuals to donate where they live for the sustained and continuing benefit to our community, it encourages “giving back” to the neighborhood.

The financial priority for this year’s grant round will be initiatives that deal with inequality and/or advance community wellness.

Eligibility Criteria
  • To apply for funding from the Clutha Foundation you must be:
    • A registered charity or not for profit organisation,
    • Operating within the Clutha District, and
    • Working for the benefit of people, communities or the environment
  • The Foundation’s criteria include, but are not limited to applicants who:
    • Have alignment with local or national strategies proven to deliver greater impact;
    • Can show evidence of collaboration and partnerships between organisations with similar goals;
    • Are promoting initiatives that will grow capacity to deliver more impact, to more people in the District;
    • Are promoting activities that have a path to sustainability over time;
    • Do not rely on funding that triggers a commission payment to a third party;
    • Have a commitment to best practice in governance and financial management processes;
    • Have satisfied the accountability process for any previous grants;
    • Are a Not for Profit entity, preferably an Incorporated Society or registered company with charitable status; or, in the case of scholarships, an individual.
Ineligible Applications
  • The following are NOT eligible for Grants from the Foundation:
    • Activities which benefit an individual in a commercial sense;
    • Political parties;
    • Debt reduction objectives;
    • Activities outside the Clutha Region, unless specified under an accepted endowment fund;
    • Applications for retrospective funding for completed projects;
    • Applications for emergency relief, except where a major crisis affects part or all of the Clutha District;
    • Applications that solely benefit the immediate family of any Trustee or employee;
    • More than one application per recipient, per annum;
    • Applications from any organisation that has not completed accountability requirements from a prior application;
    • Incomplete applications.
Grant Conditions
  • All recipients must agree to:
    • Recognize the Clutha Foundation and any Donor Fund(s) in their external communications (i.e. newsletters, social
    • Media and press releases);
    • Provide updates and photos of funded projects throughout the year for marketing purposes;
    • Complete an evaluation of the impact of the grant in the prescribed format (form available on website) within theTimeframe determined by the Foundation;
    • Verify the funds have been deposited into their bank account and
    • Provide evidence that the funds have been utilised for the stated purpose (invoices etc);
    • Return any funds not used for the stated purpose – per the successful application – to Clutha Foundation.

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