Harvard University MBA Scholarship Program 2023-24 -
Harvard University MBA Scholarship Program 2023-24

Harvard University MBA Scholarship Program 2023-24

The Boustany MBA Harvard Scholarship is another name for the Harvard University MBA Scholarship. This is because the Boustany Foundation, which awards the scholarship, is doing so. The advancement of humanity is the main goal of Harvard’s fully-funded scholarships for overseas students. The Boustany Foundation is ready to provide kids from less fortunate backgrounds access for better education. The foundation’s mission is that the world must be a place where people can embrace various cultures, hence the program also functions as a cultural exchange program.

The internship at the Boustany Foundation is the most notable and distinctive aspect of this fully-funded foreign fellowship at Harvard University. The students must do a two-month internship at the foundation as part of their school work. By doing this, the students are guaranteed the opportunity to work on projects for the Boustany Foundation and gain knowledge of the real world’s realities. Through this experience, they get more understanding and practical application skills. The brightest brains in the world and think tanks are also overseeing the initiatives. In addition, the students have the opportunity to do a free two-month internship in Monaco.

Without a doubt, the fully-funded MBA scholarship is for those students who are not only academically great but also desire to make the world a better place to live. The foundation’s mission is to support individuals with the capacity to make a difference in the chaotic world. The distinction of the Harvard Scholarship is that it is awarded to Harvard MBA students every two years rather than on an annual basis. The MBA class lasts for two years, and when the previous batch has graduated, the foundation awards Harvard scholarships to the subsequent MBA cohort’s students.

Harvard University MBA Scholarship 2023-24:

Host Country:

  • The United States of America

Host University:

  • Harvard University

Host Business School:

  • Harvard Business School

Funded By:

  • Boustany Foundation

Benefits of the Harvard University MBA Scholarship 2023-24:

The Scholarship has the following benefits

  • Financial aid amounting to 75% of the  tuition fees
  • The students will have an internship at the Boustany Foundation in Monaco.
  • The travel expenses will be covered for the internship.
  • During the internship, the accommodation and food expenses will be covered

Eligibility Criteria of the Harvard University MBA Scholarship in the USA:

  • Students of all nationalities can apply.
  • Preference will be given to students of Lebanese descent.
  • The students must be excellent in academics.
  • The resume of the students must show their promising nature toward a better world.
  • The students must be proficient in English.
  • The students must have an offer letter from the Harvard University

For more information about the Harvard MBA requirements, visit the official website of Harvard Business school.

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How to Apply for the Harvard University Scholarship in 2023-24?

  • The candidate has to apply to Harvard University first.
  • Once the students receive the offer letter from the university only then they can apply for the scholarship.
  • The candidates have to send their required documents online via admissions@boustany-foundation.org
  • The shortlisted candidates will have to be ready for the interview; it can be an online interview or can be the Boustany Foundation.

Documents Required for Harvard Scholarship 2023:

  • Copy of curriculum vitae
  • A photograph
  • GMAT scores
  • Acceptance letter from the University

Harvard University MBA Scholarship Application Deadline:

  • The last date to apply is 31st May 2023.





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