How to Make Money While Studying in the UK -

How to Make Money While Studying in the UK

There is no way around the fact that it will break your bank to attend college as a student from another country. Especially if you’re planning on attending school in a place like the United Kingdom, where both the cost of education and the cost of living are rather expensive. Cities like London, Cardiff, Lincoln, and Coventry, to mention just a few, are considered among the most expensive cities in the world. Other cities that make the list are Coventry and Lincoln. Because of this, foreign students are forced to consider various methods of earning money while they are studying so that they may pay their monthly expenditures and enjoy a student life abroad that is pleasant for them.
Now that we have that out of the way, let’s have a look at a few of the ways that you may make some additional money while you are here on a student visa.

Online Surveys

There are a lot of companies that will pay people for their opinions and comments on their products. These surveys are for the services or goods that these firms are planning to offer, and as a result, a select few persons are chosen based on particular criteria in order to have the opportunity to provide their thoughts. While studying in the UK, this is one of the most prevalent methods to make money and also one of the ones that requires the least amount of effort. There are many different websites, such as SurveyMonkey, Swagbucks, and Branded Surveys, that offer a large number of surveys, and the greatest part is that there is something for everyone to participate in.

Part-Time Jobs

Finding work on a part-time basis in the United Kingdom is not all that tough. According to recent research, at least one-third of students choose to work part-time while they are attending college. The majority of students decide to pursue a career as a waiter or waitress since there are a large number of eateries, motels, and cafés that are ideal for student workers and because this position takes very little experience, if any at all. While you are in school, you will often be needed to work nights and weekends for a total of no more than 20 hours a week. You can earn money delivering meals if you have a bicycle and don’t want to work in a restaurant or a bar and you have the ability to do so. You may get these kinds of employment by getting in touch with small takeaways and larger chains like Dominos directly and asking if they have any delivery positions available.


Because it does not need you to leave your home, freelancing is an excellent career choice for students. You are able to work for anybody, no matter where they are located in the globe, as long as you have a laptop and, at the very least, a reliable internet connection. This kind of labor has become more popular as a means through which individuals may capitalize on their abilities and make respectable sums of money. Students in the UK have access to a wide variety of freelancing options because to the large number of businesses that recognize the value of obtaining work done on an as-needed basis but do not want to commit to hiring full-time workers. You may easily find work as a freelancer via a variety of websites, some of which include, Fiverr, and Elance, to name a few. The freedom to set your own hours and choose your own projects is the most appealing aspect of freelancing.

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Affiliate Marketing

This strategy is the most suitable for you if you are someone who is very active on social media or who maintains a strong online presence via the use of blogs or videos. Using this strategy, you will be able to get some income in the form of a commission by recommending certain products or services to the people who follow you on social media or read your blog. Affiliate programs are provided by a variety of businesses, some of which include Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, and Hubspot, to mention a few. And the greatest part about this approach is that you may participate in as many programs as you like, and there is also no limit on the amount of money you can make with it. However, before you can consider it a reliable source of income (at least for the first six months), you will need to wait some time.

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Sell your Notes

It is a wonderful method to create a little additional income, particularly if you are skilled at producing notes and are willing to share them with other students. You may publish your notes to a number of different websites, each of which will let you choose a price for them; if another student downloads them, you will get payment. It’s possible that this won’t bring in as much cash as some of the other methods I discussed before, but it’s a lot simpler to carry out since you only need to take notes once. Some websites, such as Nexus Notes and Stuvia, provide a free platform for listing your notes but deduct a percentage from the money you make from selling them. It is possible to submit either handwritten or typed notes, however it is recommended that you upload typed PDFs since it is more probable that you will get more money if the notes are typed up.
As a result, here are the five different methods that you may make money while you are studying in the United Kingdom. We are hopeful that you found this post to be helpful and that you will put one of these suggestions to work in order to generate some revenue for yourself. Visit the website of University Living to choose from a diverse assortment of student housing alternatives if you are seeking for a place to stay in the United Kingdom. More than 265 cities all over the globe are serviced by their Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) program.


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