If you're not making more money from freelancing, change your tools now

If you’re not making more money from freelancing, change your tools now

People opt to work as freelancers for several reasons, but the need for independence is the most prevalent:

to pursue their interests and talents.
to work together with their preferred clients.
to do tasks according to their pace and timetable.
to take care of their money.
to locate and do tasks on schedule.

However, there are several difficulties with freelancing, and one of them is being productive and making money from what you do as well. Freelancing is becoming more and more competitive and only those who are creative, productive and dominant rule their niche can stand out.

Many tools help freelancers become more productive and make more money. You need to handle a variety of tasks if you want to succeed as a freelancer. You operate on your own! On the other hand, you need all the assistance, just as Batman requires a Robin.

There, to start with, here are the top 9 AI tools for freelancers to help them become more productive and do their tasks faster. While these might not be a kind of one-size-fits-all stuff, I suggest you browse through our contents or simply study these articles:

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1. Slack: Communication Management

When engaging with several customers, freelancers often have communication issues. Different expectations, timetables, and degrees of communication are a few possible causes of this.

Additionally, it may be challenging for freelancers to remember several talks with various customers. Slack provides an answer to this issue.

Slack is a business communication tool that facilitates efficient teamwork between independent contractors and customers. One of the greatest AI-driven communication platforms for freelancers is Slack, which has AI-based features including meeting planners, instant messaging, huddles, and cross-company collaboration.

Even if you may communicate here, a platform for face-to-face communication is still necessary. We now go on to the next part.

2. Google Meet: Professional Meetings

As a freelancer, you are in charge of your own schedule. Developing a work ethic or working with customers both entails being well-organized and polished. Your tribe is drawn to your vibe.

You must have professional client meetings to go through the project, timelines, and other administrative matters.

To create a good impression and maintain the client’s satisfaction, preparation for these encounters is essential.

One such application that enables you to have meetings with customers is Google Meet. Its versatility and simplicity of use make it the ideal tool for independent contractors. You can effortlessly organize and perform video chats with customers from anywhere thanks to Google Meets’ AI-driven capabilities.

3. ClickUp: Task Management

Your productivity heavily depends on how well you manage your tasks without wasting time.

For many freelancers, multitasking can be challenging as many strings are attached. Moreover, they are used to working on one task at a time.

When juggling multiple tasks, it can be easy to lose track of what needs to be done. This can lead to missed deadlines and unhappy clients.

Though many task management tools are available on the market, ClickUp is one of the best. It uses AI algorithms to keep track of your projects and tasks in one place and makes it easy to collaborate with clients and team members.

4. Lyne.ai: Writing Catchy Opening Lines for Your Emails

The ability to craft engaging subject lines for your emails is crucial for freelancing success. This will assist in drawing in prospective clients and persuading them to provide you a job.

You may use Lyne AI to compose emails with attention-grabbing subject lines. It analyzes your email subject line using artificial intelligence and offers tips on how to improve it. By adding the prospect’s email address or LinkedIn profile, you may also create hundreds of email subject lines.

About the following tool, do you by chance work as a freelance content writer? Do you find it tiresome to produce top-notch blogs for your clientele over an extended length of time?

If so, then the next section is for you.

5. LongShot AI: Long-Form AI Content Writer

To be a successful writing freelancer, you must be able to write high-quality content. This means producing well-written, error-free articles, blog posts, web content, etc., that will engage and interest your clients.

LongShot AI is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps you write quality long-form content in just a few clicks. It’s as simple as putting in your keyword or topic and asking the AI to work its magic.

LongShot positions itself as one of the most comprehensive AI writers for creating long-form content. And that’s apparent, as you get access to many useful features (niche selection, fact checker, etc.) and integrations (Copyscape, WordPress plugin, Grammarly, etc.) that assist in creating blogs.

So, you’ve written content; what about creating relevant images or simply designing? The ever-so-popular following tool will offer a solution to this one.

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6. Canva: Designing Creatives

You may have to develop creatives for your clientele if you work as a freelancer. This may be a difficult undertaking, but fortunately, you can quickly and simply create designs that appear professional without paying a professional designer using tools like Canva.

Canva is an easy-to-use graphic design tool ideal for producing beautiful graphics for your customers. It includes sophisticated AI-based functions like content repurposing, picture background removal, graphic resizing, etc.

7. DocuSign: Signing Documents

When working with customers, freelancers often have to sign agreements and important papers. Contracts, non-disclosure agreements, invoices, and other papers fall under this category.

You can accomplish this fast and simply with the use of a service like DocuSign. With good reason, it’s one of the most used electronic signature tools. It is simple to use and offers all the features that the majority of users look for in an eSignature application, such as AI-powered signature augmentation.

It’s time to yell, “Show me the money!” once you’ve completed your task and signed all the necessary paperwork. It’s time to create your service invoice, that’s for sure.

8. Invoice Ninja: Invoice Generation

Although there are many things that independent contractors must remember to do, billing is one of the most crucial. Without appropriate invoicing, receiving payment for your labor might be difficult.

Every freelancer should utilize Invoice Ninja since it is a fantastic AI-driven solution for creating invoices. It makes it simple to be compensated for your hard work with its straightforward layout and user-friendly features.

Unquestionably, receiving payment is one of the nicest aspects of freelancing. Who doesn’t like the buzz on their phone when they get a payment? We’ll examine a workable option in the next section.

9. Paypal: Payment Gateway

As a freelancer, it might be difficult to find a payment channel that suits your requirements. There are several things to think about, including costs, security, and usability. Achieving a gateway that works for you is achievable, even if finding a balance between these criteria might be difficult.

You may send and receive money online using Paypal, a digital payment platform. To help you manage your money, it also employs AI to monitor your payments and spending patterns.

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