International law degree scholarships -
International law degree scholarships

International law degree scholarships

International law degree scholarships: You’ve found the correct place to be if you’re interested in learning about the many kinds of financing that are available all over the globe for legal education, regardless of whether you’re a law student at the undergraduate level or the graduate level.

Take a look at the list of law school scholarships and grants that are now available to law students all around the globe, and click on the corresponding links to get more information about each opportunity.

Please note that this page is updated yearly, and because the sponsors or institutions that open these scholarships may often change the period in which they accept applications, we may not keep up with these updates due to the volume of scholarships we publish here. Therefore, this page is basically intended to show you the endless opportunities you have to get a scholarship to study anywhere in the world. Simply click on the link to the scholarship you want to check the deadline for on the official website. Or click here to access our list of current scholarships. 

Law scholarships to study anywhere in the world

  • FUNED Scholarships for Mexican Students – Graduate law scholarships for Mexican students enrolling in a master’s program at a leading university in the top 200 of the QS World University Rankings® anywhere in the world.
  • HM Hubbard Law Scholarship – Law scholarships for trainees and qualified solicitors in the UK to undertake further study in France, Spain, or Canada.
  • Law Foundation Graduate Scholarships – Scholarships for law students pursuing a graduate degree in law or a related subject to study at recognized universities in Canada, the US, and elsewhere. To be eligible, you must be from British Columbia (Canada) or have graduated from a law school there.
  • MENZIES Foundation Scholarships – Scholarships for Australian citizens to gain funding for postgraduate study in international law.

Law scholarships to study in Australia & New Zealand

To study in Australia:

To study in New Zealand:

Law scholarships to study in Europe

To study in Germany:

  • DAAD Master’s Scholarships for Public Policy and Good Governance (PPGG) – Postgraduate scholarships for students from countries in Africa, Latin America, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, to undertake a master’s degree in public policy at a participating German university. Applicants should have studied a related undergraduate degree (e.g. law, economics, or politics) and should intend to use their qualifications within their country of origin.
  • Max Planck Society Research Scholarships – Doctoral and postdoctoral law scholarships for doctoral students and researchers to study law in Germany.

To study in the Netherlands:

  • Amsterdam Law School Merit Scholarships @ UvA – LLM scholarships for students to gain funding for study law at the master’s level within the University of Amsterdam’s Faculty of Law. Applicants should already hold an LLB degree.
  • Holland Scholarship @ University of Groningen – A €5,000 scholarship is available for bright undergraduate non-EU students who hold a degree from a university outside the Netherlands and have received an admission offer from the University of Groningen for one of the programs listed here.

To study in the UK:

Law scholarships to study in North America

To study in Canada:

To study in the US:

  • AABA Foundation Scholarships – US scholarships for law students interested in pursuing careers in the public interest, for students from the Asia-Pacific and other underrepresented communities in the San Francisco Bay Area. International students are eligible but must live in the Bay Area.
  • ABA Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund – Law school scholarships offered by the American Bar Association (ABA), are open to first-year law students at ABA-accredited law schools in the US. Open to US citizens only.
  • Arent Fox Diversity Scholarship Program – Scholarships for law students in their first and second year at an ABA-accredited law school in the US. Scholarship winners will receive a $20,000 award and a salaried summer associate position.
  • Bradley R Corbett Scholarship – Law scholarships for US citizens are offered by the defense attorney, Bradley R Corbett.
  • Federal Circuit Bar Association Scholarship – Law school scholarships for students pursuing a JD program at an accredited university in the US. Applicants must demonstrate financial need and interest in certain aspects of US law.
  • MALDEF Law School Scholarship Program – Law school scholarships for Latino students interested in advancing Latino civil rights in their careers. Open to Latino US citizens studying law at any degree level in the US.
  • National Bar Institute Law School Scholarships and Grants – Law school scholarships and grants are available to US students enrolled at law school in the US. Funding for African-American and minority students is available.
  • NYU Law Scholarship Programs @ NYU – Various scholarships for law students undertaking the JD program at New York University (NYU) in the US. Scholarships also cover specializations such as cybersecurity.
  • JD Scholarships @ the University of San Diego – Various JD scholarships are available for entering students who show academic excellence (such as a strong academic background/LSAT score).
  • Cohen & Cohen Civil Justice Scholarship – An $1,000 scholarship available to a student currently enrolled in an accredited community college, undergraduate, or graduate program in the US (including first-year university students, who graduated high school or have a GED), and any high school Junior or Senior.
  • DREAM Act Scholarship – A $500 merit-based, essay-contest scholarship that aims to support individuals who wish to make a difference in the lives of immigrants and other non-native individuals living in the US.
  • Many more law scholarships in the US, from private law firms and external organizations, can be found listed on the University of Notre Dame’s law school website. Another US university listing external law school scholarships is the University of California, Berkeley.



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