International scholarships for women in male-dominated industries

International scholarships for women in male-dominated industries

Women make up a relatively insignificant portion of the workforce in STEM-related fields all around the world, and the situation is not much different in other male-dominated fields such as business. Will the difference between men and women in fields that have always been dominated by men change?

It would seem that the answer is yes, but only gradually.

In the United Kingdom, the number of women applying to study engineering, computer science, medicine, and dentistry has gone up by more than 7 percent, 33 percent, and 30 percent, respectively, since 2019.

Several organizations provide financial aid in the form of scholarships to women who are getting ready to enter male-dominated fields, which helps speed up the process. Mentoring, specialized events and seminars are some of the other types of help that are often given along with financial help.

Below is a list of international and local scholarships for women who work in male-dominated fields like engineering, technology, and business. These scholarships are available worldwide and in particular regions.

Please note that this page is updated yearly, and because the sponsors or institutions that open these scholarships may often change the period in which they accept applications, we may not keep up with these updates due to the volume of scholarships we publish here. Therefore, this page is basically intended to show you the endless opportunities you have to get a scholarship to study anywhere in the world. Simply click on the link to the scholarship you want to check the deadline for on the official website. Or click here to access our list of current scholarships. 

Scholarships for women in engineering and science

Scholarships for women in technology

Scholarships for women in business

Other scholarships for women in male-dominated industries

  • Laurels Fund Scholarships – Scholarships for women pursuing a Ph.D. in accounting.
  • Skills 4 UK Scholar’s Award – Open to female students entering the final year of university in the UK who are on track for a 2.1 or above. The winner receives a place in Skills 4 UK’s award-winning Career Development Programme.




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