International scholarships to study free in Eastern Europe -
International scholarships to study free in Eastern Europe

International scholarships to study free in Eastern Europe

This is a collection of international scholarships that are available to students who are interested in studying abroad in eastern Europe. These scholarships span nations including the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Ukraine. The nations of Eastern Europe are like rough diamonds waiting to be polished. You need to check into them further to learn that they are an excellent place for foreign students who want to pursue bachelor’s degree programs that are taught in English.

Put on your glasses and learn why Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, and Romania are great places to get an international bachelor’s degree and can easily compete with more well-known places in Western Europe.

Please note that this page is updated yearly, and because the sponsors or institutions that open these scholarships may often change the period in which they accept applications, we may not keep up with these updates due to the volume of scholarships we publish here. Therefore, this page is basically intended to show you the endless opportunities you have to get a scholarship to study anywhere in the world. Simply click on the link to the scholarship you want to check the deadline for on the official website. Or click here to access our list of current scholarships. 

Scholarships to study in Azerbaijan:

  • Baku Engineering University – Scholarships for new international students studying for a bachelor’s degree at Baku Engineering University, covering 50% of tuition fees.
  • Khazar University International Scholarship Program– Scholarships covering all tuition fees for two international students at Khazar University in Baku. Applicants can be from any country and be studying any bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. program.

Scholarships to study in Bulgaria:

  • American University in Bulgaria – Various scholarships are available for both domestic and international students to study at the university. No separate application is required, except for students who are applying for a scholarship based on their financial needs.

Scholarships to study in Croatia:

Scholarships to study in the Czech Republic:

Scholarships to study in Estonia:

  • Estonian Government scholarships – International scholarships are available for students at all degree levels to study abroad in Estonia. If applying for a scholarship at the bachelor’s level, your chosen subject should be related to the Estonian language and culture.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs Estonian Development Cooperation scholarships – Scholarships for students from Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Belarus, Azerbaijan, and Afghanistan to study one of the selected English-taught master’s degrees at the University of Tartu.
  • Study IT in Estonia Speciality Scholarship – Study abroad scholarships for bachelor’s and master’s students to study for an IT-related degree at Tallinn University of Technology.
  • Study IT in Estonia Skype Foreign Studies Scholarship – Two scholarships for international students to study a master’s in the sciences, with a preference for information technology. Open to students from Estonia or residing in Estonia on a permanent residence permit.

Scholarships to study in Hungary:

Scholarships to study in Poland:

  • Ignacy Łukasiewicz Scholarship Program – Government scholarships for international students from selected countries to study their master’s or Ph.D. (in a science subject) abroad in Poland.
  • University of Warsaw – Scholarships for current students of the University of Warsaw with a high GPA.

Scholarships to study in Romania:

  • Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs – International scholarships for non-EU students at all levels to study abroad in Romania. Priority will be given to certain subjects such as politics and education, and studies must be in the Romanian language (students not proficient in the language will be offered a one-year preparatory course). The scholarship covers tuition fees, accommodation, and monthly financial support payments.
Scholarships to study in Russia: Our response to the invasion of Ukraine. We are united in outrage at the war Russia is waging against the Ukrainian people. We are ceasing the promotion of Russian universities or Russia as a study destination.

Scholarships to study in Slovakia:

Scholarships to study in Slovenia:

Other scholarships to study in Eastern Europe:

  • Erasmus Mundus Scholarships – Enterprise led by the European Commission to help international students fund their studies in Europe at selected institutions.
  • CEEPUS Exchange Program with Central and Eastern Europe – CEEPUS is a multilateral exchange program in which universities from 16 countries within central and eastern Europe take part in student exchanges. Students are not required to pay tuition fees and will receive a grant to cover their living costs in their host country. To be eligible, students should be nationals of a CEEPUS/EU/EEA country.
  • Visegrad Fund scholarships – Study abroad scholarships for master’s and Ph.D. students from selected countries in eastern Europe to study in one of the Visegrad (V4) group countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia) for up to four semesters. Students from the Visegrad group can also apply for the outgoing scheme to other V4 countries and partnership countries.



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