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My frequent antagonism of Obi and his boys, Adeyanju clarifies, debunks claims of any political affiliation

Socio-Political activist, Deji Adeyanju has revealed the reason for his frequent antagonism of Peter Obi, the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party and his “boys”.

Adeyanju disclosed this in a post on his verified Facebook account while responding to a post.

His post read:

This criticism is well noted with thanks. My frequent antagonism of Obi and his boys is as a result of their deliberate attempt to establish maximum tyranny on social media especially insulting anyone who criticize or refuse to support their preferred candidate and thereby tagging them enemies of Nigeria just because they feel he’s a better aspirant. They even go to the extreme to fabricate lies and fake news all in an attempt to sell Obi. All my life I have opposed the tyranny of the majority and will continue to do so. I also do not believe it is right for me to get involved in supporting any politician because those who supported Buhari in 2015 are still regretting but let those supporting politicians do so with decorum without trying to shut up others like the way the Obidents act.

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