You Can Grab $20,000 in Rapid Ocean Conservation Grants Program

Deadline: Ongoing Opportunity

The Rapid Ocean Conservation (ROC) Grants Program of the Waitt Foundation is now accepting submissions.

Small grants with a short turnaround are offered by ROC Grants to address new conservation problems and ocean preservation. This adds to the Waitt Foundation’s current large grants program and responds to conservation possibilities. It also affordably supports riskier ideas while also cooperating with small, local NGOs internationally.


Grants will fund projects related to the Waitt Foundation’s mission of supporting sustainable fishing and marine protected areas (MPAs). This includes sub-themes of:

  • Scientific Research – Includes natural science or social science projects.
  • Policy – Includes opportunistic projects around unique public policy windows, such as preparation of policy analysis and support of experts’ efforts to inform decision makers on upcoming government actions.
  • Management – Includes enforcement and infrastructure support.
  • Communications – Includes raising public awareness and engaging stakeholders, including advertising by a 501(c)3 group around a public policy moment.
Funding Information
  • Proposals for grants up to $20,000 will be reviewed on a monthly rolling basis.
  • Project Duration – 6 months
Eligibility Criteria
  • As long as you are affiliated with a non-profit public charity (or equivalent in your country of residence), you are eligible to apply for funding.
  • They do not provide emergency funding through the ROC Grants program.
  • The ROC Grants program only provides grants to applicants that have a public charity status.
  • They do not provide grants in support of thesis projects.
  • Although your project may have been previously declined, you may resubmit an application for funding at any time.
  • They do not provide funding in support of previously approved grants and cannot provide continuous funding for any projects.
Evaluation Criteria
  • Funding Urgency – How quickly the project needs to begin for maximum effectiveness.
  • Conservation Impact – Magnitude of ecological, socioeconomic, and policy benefit.
  • Scale of Impact – Geographic area and likeliness of applicability/replication elsewhere.
  • Feasibility of Implementation – Based on socioeconomic and public policy context.
  • Organizational Capacity – Adequate human capital size and expertise to execute project.

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