Security Alert: Dangerous criminals escape from Kuje Prison in terrorists attack

“The terrorists kept chanting Allahu Akbar from the beginning to the end of the operations”


Following a nearly three-hour terrorist strike, a slew of dangerous felons escaped from Kuje Prison in Nigeria’s capital of Abuja on Tuesday night.

According to an inside source, the jailbreaks included terrorists, kidnappers, thieves, and murderers, with security guards fleeing into safety.

“All soldiers and prison officials escaped. All doors were broken by the terrorists and all criminals escaped”, the source said.

Disgraced deputy police commissioner Abba Kyari, Governor Jolly Tanko, and other senior individuals detained at the institution were among those who did not escape.

“The terrorists kept chanting Allahu Akbar from the beginning to the end of the operations”, the source said.
According to accounts, the terrorists totally destroyed the institution, and the surviving detainees were transported out this morning.

The number of casualties from the strike was yet unknown.
Neither the Nigerian Correctional Service nor the Minister of Interior had issued a comprehensive statement in the hours following the attack.

A.D. Umar, a spokesperson for the Correctional Service, said that the Kuje institution had been assaulted by gunmen, but that normality had been restored when security personnel intervened.

“I wish to confirm that some unidentified gunmen stormed the Medium Security Custodial Centre in Kuje, Federal Capital Territory, at 2200hrs,” Umar added.

“However, men from the Nigerian Correctional Service’s Armed Squad and other security agencies linked to the Custodial Centre responded, restoring peace to the institution and bringing the situation under control.

“Details will be available soon,” he promised.

Kuje Prison was founded in 1989. It is well-known for housing high-profile criminals, such as former governors and ministers.

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