Tighten up security in Abuja, other prisons where dangerous terrorists are being kept – Concerned Nigerians urges Buhari and security chiefs

This incident exposes the level of decay and porosity in our security system is.

Recall that the Kuje medium prison facility came under attack yesterday when what  was  suspected to be a  high calibre bomb went off followed by two more explosions and the ensuing  sporadic gunfire that sent residents scampering for safety. Following a nearly three-hour terrorist strike, a slew of dangerous terrorists and criminals escaped from Kuje Prison in Nigeria’s capital of Abuja on Tuesday night.

Immediately after learning about the news of the terrible incident, the convener of Concerned Nigerians, Mr Deji Adeyanju, took to his official Facebook account describing the prison break as a “serious national security issue”.

He also stated that there is an urgent need to tighten security in Abuja and other prisons where dangerous terrorists are being kept awaiting their trial or serving their sentences.

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Also reacting to the ugly incident, the national coordinator of Concerned Nigerians, Mr Theophilus Agada expressed concern that the Kuje prison break exposes the porosity of our security system.

“This incident exposes how weak our security system is. It should not be taken for granted, instead President Buhari and the security chiefs should see it a wake up call to provide maximum security to Nigerians,” he said


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