Universities in Europe offering incredibly affordable master’s degrees recognized in the US in 2023

Did you know that you may attend an American institution and get an on-campus Master’s degree without really traveling there? There are independent American institutions, overseas satellite campuses, and collaborations with regional colleges all throughout the globe.

You may choose to enroll at an American institution overseas for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the demanding educational requirements in America are what draws you here. Perhaps you are an American living abroad and like the teaching methods used in your own country.

Additionally, American colleges overseas charge substantially lesser tuition than their US-based equivalents. Not to add, if an American employer knows you attended an American institution, it will be simpler for you to get a job there.

Whatever it may be, the following list of 7 American institutions having campuses in Europe should be carefully considered by you:

1. Richmond, the American International University in London

While attending one of Richmond’s two London campuses, the American International University, you may get an American degree. However, is it simply an American degree? Hold on a second.

More exists. You will obtain a UK and US degree since the institution is the first and only one in the UK that can provide dual-taught degrees. This can greatly help you while hunting for career chances since it will set you apart from the competition.

Would you like more? It’s in Richmond. Scholarships, integrated internships, and a flexible American Liberal Arts system are all excellent additional reasons to study there.

2. John Cabot University, in Italy

John Cabot University, which is found in Rome, Italy, is living proof that all roads do in fact lead to Rome. Studying there will mean that you receive the finest of an American liberal arts education coupled with the incredible history and cultural legacy of good old Rome. If you decide to enroll, you will have the opportunity to study in Rome. The emphasis placed on cultural awareness will undoubtedly pave the way for a life-changing learning experience for the students.

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3. Anglo-American University, Prague

The Anglo-American Institution in Prague is the oldest private university in the Czech Republic. It grants degrees that are recognized all over the world and may be obtained in a way that is both enjoyable and inspiring. What is their secret to success?

By putting an emphasis on classrooms that are both small and engaged, with debates and projects. Studying in an atmosphere that is open to students from across the world, receiving recognition for one’s talents, and knowing that the institution offers something back to the community all combine to make this an excellent choice for academic pursuits.

4. Central European University (CEU), in Hungary

Central European University (CEU), which is located in the beautiful city of Budapest in Hungary, is an institution that strives to reimagine open societies and provide equal possibilities for all people to pursue excellent educations.

Master’s and doctoral students go to CEU because the institution is recognized and respected not just in the United States but also in Hungary, where it has accreditation. The community of foreign students is beneficial to the development of creativity, tolerance, as well as personal and societal reform. CEU is not just renowned for its superior research and classroom instruction, but also for its generous scholarship opportunities.

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5. Romanian-American University, in Romania

The Romanian-American University is located a little farther to the south and is likely less well-known; nonetheless, tuition there is much cheaper. The institution takes great pleasure in its excellent academics, picturesque and well-connected location, as well as its very own American faculty members. The university can be found in Bucharest, Romania.

Do not delay to attend this university if you are interested in learning in an environment that not only supports progressive educational ideas popular in the United States but also welcomes a wide variety of academic traditions from across the world.

6. Hult International Business School, in the UK and Asia

The Hult International Business School views itself less as a traditional business school and more as a worldwide network of educational institutions since it has campuses outside the United States of America in London, Dubai, and Shanghai.

In most cases, the academic programs will take place in several different places, presenting you with the opportunity to both learn and experience other cultures. You will have an excellent chance of finding work after graduating from Hult.

What are some other advantages of using Hult? You will develop your ability to put theory into practice, improve your leadership abilities, and have the opportunity to pursue a dual degree if you so want.

7. Webster University, in Austria, Netherlands, Greece, Switzerland, and beyond

You have the opportunity to study on numerous campuses in Africa, Europe, and Asia if you attend Webster University, much like at some of the other potential schools on our list. At Webster, you will benefit from the same American-style system of teaching and learning regardless of where you choose to further your education. This entails creating individualized and adaptable educational plans that are centered on your progress in terms of education and accomplishments.

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