Mr Deji Adeyanju

Youth Day 2022: Adeyanju decries hostilities, divisions along party and ethnic lines, tackles Buhari on ASUU strike

…These agents of division who hide under the umbrella of Obidients, Atikulated or Batified are only after their selfish gains.

On the International Youth Day 2022, the convener of Concerned Nigerians, Mr Deji Adeyanju has emphasized that the Nigerian youth are the key to national unity.

Mr. Adeyanju made this appeal in his signed release this morning dated August 12th, 2022 to commemorate the International Day of the Youth.

“The Nigerian youth should understand that there is no progress without unity, and that unity begins with us the youth,” he said.

He condemned in strong terms the burgeoning hostilities and division many young people marauding as party loyalists, ambassadors and agents who are creating divisions and hostilities among the Nigerian youth who have different political views, interests. According to him, these people are doing so out of their selfish interests and not for the good of Nigeria and all Nigerians.

“I have to state categorically that these agents of division who hide under the umbrella of Obidients, Atikulated or Batified are only after their selfish gains. We have to resist them and forge a great country by uniting together against bad leadership”.

Furthermore, he condemned the deaf ears the Buhari regime is paying over the cries of the Nigerian student due to the lingering ASUU strike, and called on the private sector to join consider joining hands with the federal government to meet ASUU demands.

“The Buhari regime is known for incompetence and it is unfortunate we all had to endure for a whole 8 years. The continued staying at home of our students due to ASUU strike is a national calamity that threatens the future of our youth and it should concern everyone. The private sector should forge partnership with the government to meet the demands of the striking lecturers and reopen the schools.”

He concluded by asking the youth to emulate our founding fathers, who championed the independence of this country.

“In history, the Nigerian youth movement led by Herbert Macaulay, Nnamdi Azikiwe and other youth movements led by Obafemi Awolowo, Joseph Tarka, Mallam Aminu Kano and Ahmadu Bello all led and fought for today’s independent Nigeria. We should emulate these heroes of our independence. Even when we disagree, we should not fight among ourselves. We can argue and criticise the right way, but we should not allow divisions to take the credit because the bad leaders that have plagued thrive when we fight among ourselves and are not united”

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